As a GHASA member, you’re part of a group of like-minded professional establishment owners. We offer you great member BENEFITS, ASSISTANCE, NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES and CREDIBILITY.

Minimum requirements for GHASA membership:

GHASA welcomes accommodation establishments that we deem to be operating on a Professional & Commercial basis. Whilst it is not our intention to be prescriptive, we do have a few important minimum entry requirements, as per listed:

  • All bedrooms in Guest Houses or B&B’s must have an en-suite or dedicated bathroom per room or suite.
  • All properties must have adequate management systems in place.
  • All members must ensure they have correct Public Liability Insurance in place.
  • The following documents must be in place: Indemnity; Cancellation; Guest Registration (we provide members with these).All TV’s must be separately licenced, in accordance with SABC’s legal requirements. We’ll assist members with this.

Municipal regulations:

  • Whilst GHASA is not responsible for enforcing zoning requirements, we strongly advise all members comply.
  • Members must be contactable via telephone as well as email.
  • Members’ properties must be correctly secured to ensure guests’ safety.

What is the Cost:

Annual Fee
  • For up to 10 rooms R1250
  • For more than 10 rooms R1750
  • Looking to open your own establishment? Let us assist you.

Application Process

Please take a moment to register then you may add your Guest House.