In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, citizens of the world have been forced to become more hygiene conscious. And an innovative new product called PURE ZONE® is now adding an extra layer of protection to surfaces all over South Africa and the world.

PURE ZONE® is a clear laminate film with effective anti-microbial properties, which provides enduring protection from 99.9% of bacteria. The film is dual purpose, in that it both protects from bacteria and can be left clear, or branded, using a custom digital print. The silver ion technology that is incorporated into the film provides protection that lasts up to five years, is eco-friendly and drastically reduces bacterial populations. PUREZONE®️ protective films recently passed the ISO21702 standards test, which confirmed that they reduce the coronavirus’s viral load by 99,87% within just an hour.

This unique innovation can be applied in high traffic areas or places where strict hygiene protocols need to be observed. PURE ZONE® is widely used at hospitals, healthcare establishments, doctor’s offices, dentists, gyms, schools, restaurants, banks and other businesses that have to maintain top health and hygiene standards.

PURE ZONE® is made out of PVC, enriched with silver ions, which are highly reactive, killing multiple sites in bacteria cells. When PURE ZONE® is installed, it needs to remain untouched for 24 hours in order to activate. And once activation has occurred, it’s effective for five years.

PURE ZONE® can be applied on any smooth surface and is recommended for use on the most-touched areas like doors, door knobs, countertops and restrooms. Globally, it is widely used in trains, planes and subways and has proved to be hard wearing and long-lasting. It’s resistant to most chemical agents, alcohol and diluted acids, so it won’t interact badly with cleaning products, and is a non-irritant on human skin.

Surface bacteria is a very real and present threat in our daily lives. And it has been magnified drastically following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. PURE ZONE® provides an extra barrier of protection against the threat, enhancing personal safety and peace of mind in any of the environments it quietly protects.

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